Celebrating Dallas’ own Nick Boulle on his entry into LeMans, the 24 hour road race that is both legendary and iconic (think Steve McQueen), as well as one of the pinnacles of world class racing.

The celebration had all the key elements for a glamorous affair; gorgeous de Boulle jewels, Dallas glitterati, and of course the cars!

Nick is such a charming and self effacing young man; his fans are many. He is generous in sharing his experiences in the world of auto racing with each devotee, telling us of his most recent trip to France for the pre-race simulator & written safety exam. He wears his passion on his sleeve, and a dapper sleeve it is. Voted one of Town & Country magazine’s “Top 50 Bachelors of 2018”, it’s just a hint of what lies ahead for this incredible lad.

My first encounter with Nick was a couple of years ago when I was the fashion stylist for the de Boulle Jewelry advertising campaign. Nick & his folks, Denis & Karen Boulle, represent their luxury brand with a warmth & creativity that really sets them apart from the field.

If you can’t make it in person to LeMans, be sure to tune in on June 15-16th, as Car #33 (Jackie Chan DC Racing team) goes for the checkered flag. Nick told us that “33” is a lucky number in Chinese numerology, and we have a feeling… that he may be right.



p.s. sharon stone